Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Overcoats at LUNA music

Overcoats, a folk-soul duo made up of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell with Joao Gonzalez on percussion, fill up any space they perform in with unquestionable joy. When they performed at LUNA music the band played selections from their critically acclaimed album Youngpiling on the synths and layered vocals to create an experience that out-performs any recording. You can relive, or experience for the first time, these songs via our attempts at capturing the magic that Elion, Mitchell, and Gonzalez created.


Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Mudkids at LUNA music

Every year Indianapolis throws down for Record Store Day and every year our LaundroMatinee crew assemble to capture the sights and the sounds. We’re starting off our recap in a big way by with Mudkids, a legendary local hip hop crew who performed at LUNA music. With energy like this it’s easy to see why so many turn out for this party.

Fresh LaundroMatinee Session: Damien Jurado at LUNA music

In an effort to connect with fans and rediscover the network of musical communities that exist outside of major cities, Damien Jurado has embarked upon an ambitious 50 State Tour. “We are nothing without the connection to one another,” he writes, explaining his desire to create more small and profound moments: “If that isn’t worth getting together and celebrating, I don’t know what is.”

Jurado played four shows in our state during June, traveling through Griffith, Ft. Wayne, South Bend, and Indianapolis. While stopping in Indy, he spent part of the afternoon performing to a capacity crowd at LUNA music and sticking around to chat afterwards. The performance was indicative of the connection between artist and audience at the heart of Jurado’s tour: all parties were gracious, appreciative, and just plain enjoying themselves. Be sure to catch a show when he comes through your state.



Filmed by Doug Fellegy / Laurel Tilton
Edited by Doug Fellegy
Recorded and mixed by Jeff DuPont

Fresh Laundromatinee Sessions: Record Store Day 2017



As per tradition the LaundroMatinee team spent their Record Store Day at the party thrown by LUNA music here in Indianapolis. They spent the day recording local favorite bands, drinking lots of local coffee and beer, and generally just having a lot of fun with everyone else there. Many thanks to everyone who contributed and to LUNA for always being great hosts. We’re already looking forward to next year’s party!




Sedcairn Archives


Michael Raintree

Thunder Dreamer



Filmed by Doug Fellegy / Sheridan Gibson
Edited by Doug Fellegy / Laurel Tilton
Recorded by Jeff DuPont / DMA





Fresh Laundromatinee Session : Hiss Golden Messenger Live at LUNA music

Heart Like a Levee
, the latest album from Hiss Golden Messenger out on Merge Records, hits a sweet spot somewhere in between spirited bluegrass and brooding Americana. The songs that comprise the record build a detailed tapestry of a life full of experience; doubt and joy, fear and love all float throughout M.C. Taylor’s seventh lp under the Hiss moniker, a set of lenses with which to understand our human condition in both the personal and universal sense. Fans huddled together inside of the intimate confines of LUNA music to enjoy this rare performance, drinking coffee and chatting with Taylor and co. after the set. You can relive all of this in the videos below, or by listening the the 7″ Record Store Day collab with artist Nathaniel Russell.



Filmed by Doug Fellegy / Daniel Arthur
Edited by Doug Fellegy
Recorded and mixed by Jeff DuPont

Fresh Laundromatinee Sessions: Record Store Day 2016



This past April the LaundroMatinee team loaded up our backpacks with as much recording gear as we could carry and made our way to the annual Record Store Day party at LUNA music. We spent the day with mobs of local music fans looking at the new releases, listening to stellar bands, and celebrating our community. Many thanks to everyone who contributed, to LUNA for always being great hosts, and for all of you who came to hang out with us! We’re already looking forward to this year’s party!



Filmed by Doug Fellegy / Sheridan Gibson / Theresa Carper / Joe Skibinski / Mark Blank
Edited by Doug Fellegy / Laurel Tilton / Theresa Carper
Recorded by Jeff DuPont / DMA

Fresh Laundromatinee Session : Julien Baker Live Performs “Rejoice” Live at Luna Music in Indianapolis

 photo julienbaker_zpsndzsxiws.png

Julien Baker’s beautiful aww-shucks guitar strumming, especially here on Sprained Ankle’s “Rejoice,” is the ultimate siren song. She lures you in with clean, haunting sounds that demurely chug along until she takes a deep breath and then all of a sudden sings with a power and a clarity that’s completely awe inducing. The strength of her voice, especially like when she unleashes it around the 2:00 mark, leaves those in attendance planted firmly to the ground and silences bar chatter in the back. You can’t help but look upon the performer before you and understand that in 2016 you’re seeing a rare caliber of artist, and you don’t dare look away for fear that you’ll miss something.


Filmed by Sheridan Gibson / Nicole Conflenti
Edited by Doug Fellegy
Recorded and mixed by Jeff DuPont
Animated title cards by BrainTwins ( )