MOKB Premiere : The Dead Lovers : “Lonely”

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Take a little Wanda Jackson, mix in some Nick Cave, sprinkle some Americana on top of it and you will get “Lonely”, the new song from Berlin’s The Dead Lovers. Drenched in gothic noir, they create something brooding, yet seductive in the track. Their forthcoming album, Supernormal Superstar, was recorded in San Diego at Lost Ark Studios using all analog/vintage gear add to their warm, retro vibes. Look for the LP on September 16th via RANDM Records. Listen below.

Song : JOY. : “Captured” (ISLND Remix)

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Aussie Olivia McCarthy aka JOY. dropped her video for debut song “Captured” earlier this week and she doesn’t let up. Today, we get a beach club reworking of the ethereal song from Sydney’s ISLND. It provides a nice contrast to the original and shows how versatile of a song it really is. Listen and download below.

Song : SOHN : “The Chase” (Demo)

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Just because he already has on incredible release to his name already this year with Tremors (out now via 4AD) doesn’t mean Christopher Taylor aka SOHN isn’t already creating some new music to share with the world. Today, the multi-talented Vienna, Austria-based unveiled and new song “The Chase” that he is calling a demo, although we can’t imagine what more he needs to do with it at this point. It is pretty much perfection as it stands currently. Listen below to the cold, soulful cut.

Video : Zola Jesus : “Dangerous Days”

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The bewitching Zola Jesus has striking new video for her excellent latest single “Dangerous Days” directed by Tim Saccenti. The song appears on her forthcoming LP, Taiga, slated for release on October 7th via Mute. Saccenti explains regarding the song and his vision for the video, “The song is a pure emotional plea, a future primitive call to arms. To create a moment of light in these dark times was our hope. Eschewing a heavy narrative we let the images of the Earth, filmed in wide screen and mixed with a tense unnatural presence, wash over the viewer while Nika communicates her powerful message.” Find it below.

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MOKB Video Premiere : Dinowalrus : “Wake Up In The Void”

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Brooklyn’s Dinowalrus is currently in support of their latest album, Complexion, out now. The current single from it is “Wake Up In The Void”. The song pulls from the Madchester rave-rock sound of the early ’90s. The video is completely DIY video shot in Albany, NY with all sorts of lo-fi visual effects. You also get get the nice throwback touch with the Kappa track. Watch it below and purchase the album here.

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Song : Vashti Bunyon : “Holy Smoke”

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As we previously discussed with the reveal of her song “Across the Water”, folk singer Vashti Bunyan has announced what will be her third and final album, Heartleap, out on October 6th via FatCat/DiCristina. The latest cut for stream from it is the serene “Holy Smoke”. One things for sure, while she may be calling her musical career a day, at least she is closing it out in stunning fashion. Stream below.

Song : Boats : “Spider’s Soul”

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Australia has really turned into the Sweden of the southern hemisphere. The latest artist from there we have latched onto is Blake Paterson, aka Boats. His only proper single to date is a cut called “Spider’s Soul” and we cannot stop pressing play on it. It is a saddening blend of downtempo electronic and acoustic instrumentation that sounds emotionally like the calm before and after a tumultuous personal storm and the loneliness that accompanies. Despite the melancholia, it is a gripping introduction this project. Stream below and look for the song on an as-yet-to-be-announced EP possibly out later this year.

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Song : Kevin Morby : “Parade”

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Woods bassist and songwriter/guitarist of The Babies Kevin Morby has a newly announced solo album, his second. It is titled Still Life, a name taken from an art piece by Maynard Monrow entitled “Still Life with the Rejects from the Land of Misfit Toys”, and will be released on October 14th via Woodsist. It was produced by Rob Barbato and name checks New York City as a point of inspiration for the records, as with his debut from last year, Harlem River. The first song from the LP is the swaying “Parade”. Morby calls the song an elegy for one of his major influences, Lou Reed, which comes through quite clearly upon listening. Stream it below.

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