Fresh Laundromatinee Session : Julien Baker Live Performs “Rejoice” Live at Luna Music in Indianapolis

 photo julienbaker_zpsndzsxiws.png

Julien Baker’s beautiful aww-shucks guitar strumming, especially here on Sprained Ankle’s “Rejoice,” is the ultimate siren song. She lures you in with clean, haunting sounds that demurely chug along until she takes a deep breath and then all of a sudden sings with a power and a clarity that’s completely awe inducing. The strength of her voice, especially like when she unleashes it around the 2:00 mark, leaves those in attendance planted firmly to the ground and silences bar chatter in the back. You can’t help but look upon the performer before you and understand that in 2016 you’re seeing a rare caliber of artist, and you don’t dare look away for fear that you’ll miss something.


Filmed by Sheridan Gibson / Nicole Conflenti
Edited by Doug Fellegy
Recorded and mixed by Jeff DuPont
Animated title cards by BrainTwins ( )

Photo Recap: Islands and Steady Holiday @ The Hi-Fi

In a year that’s brought blow after blow after blow, the Islands show at the Hi-Fi seems like a port in the perpetual shit storm we’ve been weathering. People in the crowd were ecstatic, bordering on feral, to see Nick Thorburn and company play. Voices shrieked out song titles in hopes that the band’s setlist would be scrapped in favor of audience suggestions, but Thorburn cracked a calming smile and wryly said, “you’ve waited 11 years for this, you can wait 30 more minutes.” Even with that assurance, people all over the venue lost their minds at the beginning of every single song. “Rough Gem” elicited a near-exorcism from the guy behind me while “Hallways” caused two people to scream and start hugging each other like kids who just found out tomorrow is a snow day.

Steady Holiday opened up the evening, calling the venue to attention with a dulcet voice and Buckley-esque guitar. As ferocious as the crowd was for Islands, they were enthralled with Dre Babinski in equal measure; the only sounds coming out of the crowd were sips of beer followed by rapturous applause and then ordering more beer. Babinski even seemed surprised at one point, that anyone would listen so politely and respond so positively. The whole show was undoubtedly a great moment for everyone there.




Steady Holiday


Words and photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

Hoops Stream Demo Version of “Gemini”

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Hoops just made available a demo or alternative version of their song “Gemini,” which serves as a highlight from their self-titled EP (purchase here) released earlier this year through Fat Possum. While the original is nice, we can’t help but find this version more satisfying and true to the raw, lo-fi vibes of their Tape 1-3 (find here, here, and here) releases that attracted us to the project in the first place.

Cigarettes After Sex Sign to Partisan Records, Stream New Song “K.”

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Newly minted to Partisan Records, Brooklyn’s Cigarettes After Sex just dropped a new track “K.” somehow creating sensuality, despite the song’s somber, moody instrumentation and lyrics. Expect the long-awaited debut LP from the Greg Gonzalez-fronted project sometime next year.

Behold the Dreamgaze of “Close To Be Close To Me” from Echo Ladies

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After highlighting Malmö band Wy last week, we now have another promising act from the same city on the same label, Hybris. Echo Ladies are the three-piece comprised of Matilda Bogren, Joar Andersen and Mattis Andersson. Jesus and Mary Chain, who they list as an influence along with Slowdive and Ride, mixed with Cocteau Twins might be appropriate description for the dreamgaze sounds of their first single Close To Be Close To Me,” which they describe as a song about “uncertain love.” The visual plays out as a minimalistic introduction of the band seeking, according to them, not to “draw the focus away, but rather enhance the song.” The single is available tomorrow, November 16th, through Hybris.

Today’s MOKB on SIRIUS XMU Blog Radio Playlist : 11/15/16

Here’s the playlist from today’s My Old Kentucky Blog Radio on SIRIUS XMU, Channel 35! Also, available anytime via OnDemand online and via the app.

Jim James – Hide In Plain Sight
Leonard Cohen – Last Year’s Man
Joel Rampage – Bleed
Vesuvio Solo – Mirror Held To The Flower
Kero Kero Bonito – Big City
Bane’s World – I Must Be Wrong
The xx – On Hold
Leon Russell – Streaker’s Ball
Cléa Vincent – Electricité
Ellie Herring ft. Yaeji – Swim Me
Laure Briard – Dreams
Drugdealer – It’s Only Raining Where You’re Standing
Many Voices Speak – Staying
Yellow Days – Gap In The Clouds
Ruby Haunt – Orphan
BOYO – Entertainment
Charly Bliss – Turd
Psychic Shakes – Wasting Time
Lana Del Rey – Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (Leonard Cohen cover)
Weyes Blood – Used To Be
Roses – Accessory
David Bazan – Trouble With Boys
Aces – If I Could Be Your Girl
DIANA – What You Get
Wy – Nobody Else
Gale (Keagan Bereford of Hoops) – Passing Thru (Leonard Cohen cover)
Magic Magic Roses – Dusk
Terry Allen – Dogwood

Premiere: Norwegian Arms Seeks to “Find Truth” in New Single

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After sitting dormant for a few years after releasing two EPs and one album, Keith Birthday’s Norwegian Arms experimental pop project has been picking up steam over the course of 2016. After releasing two loose tracks leaning toward an sunny, island sound, he is officially ready to announce a new long-play, named Girard Freeloader, slated for early next year through Mutual Crush. Influenced by his travels to several corners of the world and back to his native Philadelphia, the album is a ” celebration of deeper personal understanding” along with describing the songs as “imperfective,” an aspect present in Slavic languages, which focuses on the current process, not a past event or a future result or in simpler terms being present in the journey, not looking at the destination. The first track from the release comes in the form of “Find Truth,” a track that is highly introspective despite its glossy production and offers another twist in sound from the always evolving artist.

Premiere: Let Go with Magic Magic Roses’ Cathartic New Track “Dusk”

 photo magicmagicroses2_zpszpyhga5j.png

For over a half a decade, San Francisco’s Magic Magic Roses, the trio of Sarah Simon, Kate Sweeney, Sam Berman, have been putting out some of the most genuine and affecting dream folk in music. At the end of the year, they are slated to unveil their third full-length, titled Dusk, through Seattle label Plume Records. Produced by Simon’s sister and La Luz member Lena Simon, the album finds the band experimenting more with textures and tempo, while bringing in additional musical components with contributions from Bill Patton on pedal steel, the previously mentioned Lena Simon on percussion, keyboard, and backup vocals, Damon Bennett on Bass, and Morgan Henderson (of Fleet Foxes) on flute and stand up bass.

According to Simon, they were trying to make a “concerted effort to write songs that were more lively and optimistic, but ended up on the dark side from time to time.” They call the title and closing track “Dusk,” which we have the pleasure of introducing, the “darkest song” on the album, however we find it to be precursor to hope and optimism that often follows moments of desperation and despair. Sonically, it would be hard not to bring up comparisons to Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval’s static vocal delivery. The song resonates quickly and melds well with the autumnal winds and colors outside your window. Listen below, but do yourself a favor and check out their previous releases well at Bandcamp.