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Brother/Sister duo Matthew and Elenor Friedberger, aka The Fiery Furnaces, have been weirding me out for years. I’ve been lucky enough to produce two Indianapolis shows for the pair. Both were very special occasions, and both had that off feeling of things just being a little off.

The Friedbergers are nice enough people, very nice in fact. They just give you the feeling that they’re likely the smartest kids in the room at any given moment. They write and perform and conceptualize because that’s normal. That’s how they interact with the average, unfamiliar human being in the world. That’s how they feel normal. Conversation isn’t a natural, but clever, intelligent, engaging songs are.

In 2009, The Fiery Furnaces released two album, I’m Going Away and Take Me Round Again – an album full of reworked, rearranged, rewritten versions of the songs from I’m Going Away. When the band joined us, they performed two tracks from I’m Going Away and another from their 2007 release Widow City.

MP3 : The Fiery Furnaces – Charmaine Champagne (live on

Download two more mp3s of songs performed AND watch the videos at!

Produced by
Recorded Jeff DuPont and Kevin Noble
Mixed by Corey Barnes and John Taylor at Lovebird Recording
Filmed and Edited by Doug Fellegy

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