MOKB Exclusive : The Superions : Fruitcake

Is it too early to be pushing Christmas music? Not if erstwhile B-52 Fred Schneider is involved. Fruitcake, the first single from The Superions’ new Christmas album, Destination… Christmas! is out now on Fanatic Records, and the whole shebang will be available October 26th. Schneider, along with with partners-in-crime Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall, dove deep into the American holiday psyche and somehow surfaced with a single truly worthy of following their stunning debut, Who Threw That Ham At Me?.  MOKB is contractually-obligated proud to premiere the video for Fruitcake a mere three months prior to its logical arrival

And since we’re talking about Christmas, we might as well take this opportunity to introduce a new MOKB column dedicated to seasonal performance enhancement: Holiday Creep – Xmas Gifts That Don’t Suck. Once a week through the end of the year, we’ll be offering helpful gift suggestions guaranteed to make you the cool spouse/significant other/relative/boss. We’ll try to include gifts ranging from cheap to extravagant, music-related or not. The only requirements are that they can be acquired (legally is always preferred) and they don’t suck. And we need your help. If you make sock monkeys that look like The Ramones, we want to know. If your uncle sells ‘shine, tell us how to get some. If you’re pissed at your boyfriend and looking to unload his beloved ’68 Camaro on the sly, we can help facilitate. Email me your gift ideas.

Today’s gifts come from Boo Davis at Quiltsrÿche. Quilts are great, right? No one likes to be cold, and you can pass them down from generation to generation. Problem is, unless your roommate is Holly Hobby, most quilts look ridiculous sitting around the living room. Boo’s got you covered, friends. Bangover and Skullfucked are both great, but you’d be hard-pressed to beat the custom-made Damaged. These babies will cost you some duckets, but are worth it. And what else were you going to do with all those Rush concert shirts that no longer accommodate your brother’s girth?

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