New Song : Kanye West : Lord Lord Lord

Can I be honest? I’m pretty glad to be growing up in the Age of Yeezy. Kanye West keeps it interesting in a rather boring mainstream music world. I love Gaga, I really do, but she’s a re-hash of been there/done that. There are plenty of heirs to the Michael Jackson throne, but there will always only be one King Of Pop. Controversial rappers are a dime a dozen, but there has always been something a little different about Kanye, a little off – at least in my mind. He’s the Sun right now. All the others are revolving around him. He’s calling the shots. He’s doing the do.

Kanye West continues his free G.O.O.D. Fridays song giveaways with a seven-plus minute spacy soul jam extravaganza in Lord Lord Lord.

MP3 : Kanye West – Lord Lord Lord (ft. Mos Def, Swizz Beats, Raekwon, and Charlie Wilson)

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