MOKB’s Week O’ Movies : Dust Radio – A Film About Chris Whitley

Well, we made it through Day 1 of our Week O’ Movies without much incident. Today we’re shining the spotlight on director Jonathan Mayor’s Dust Radio – A Film About Chris Whitley. Easily one of the least appreciated and understood artists of the last 20 years, the late singer-songwriter began his career on Columbia in 1991 and amassed 12 studio albums and two live records before his untimely death in 2005. A critic’s darling, Whitley’s sworn fanbase also included such notables as Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Prince and Iggy Pop.

Mayor’s film, shot in fall and winter of 2005, captures Chris Whitley in what proved to be among his final days. In mid-October of that year, complications from lung cancer forced him to cancel his tour in support of Soft Dangerous Shores. Estranged from his lover of many years and dealing with his mortality, Whitley retreated to New York where his candid conversations with Mayor provide, ” A sobering portrait of a great and widely forgotten about artist near his end; critically heralded and touted in the 90’s, now destitute and estranged.”

Dust Radio – A Film About Chris Whitley is currently in post-production and will premiere in 2011.

MP3 : Chris Whitley – Dirt Floor (w/ Jeff Lang)

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