MOKB’s Week O’Movies : Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

I can hardly believe we stuck with something for an entire week, but yet here we are. Today we’re dipping our toes into a little experimental stop-motion narrative courtesy of filmmaker/musician, Brent Green. Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then is the dark, yet poignant and mostly-true true of Leonard Wood, a Kentucky hardware store clerk who designed and built a bizarre and sprawling home for his wife in hope that it would cure her terminal cancer.

Not satisfied with simply writing, directing and editing his films, Green goes the extra mile and provides live narration and musical score during screenings. Recent performances of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then have boasted makeshift ensembles comprised of some impressive folks, including Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand),  Drew Henkels (Drew and the Medicinal Pen) and Catherine McRae.

The next performance is going down September 24th at Cornell Cinema. Sadly, I have no idea when and where the general public will have an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of Green’s labor after that, so yer best bet is just to visit Nervous Films and the film’s blog when you’re in the neighborhood.

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