MOKB Interview and Video Premiere: Suckers, “A Mind I Knew”

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Suckers’ tune “A Mind I Knew” dropped last spring, but right here, we’ve got the third of four new videos for the track. Each was created by one of the Suckers and has premiered throughout September. We saw Quinn’s video last week and Brian’s the week before. Single-monikered Pan is the auteur of the squirming spin-art we’re premiering below. Enjoy!

Suckers – A Mind I Knew (Pan’s Version) from Frenchkiss Records on Vimeo.

MOKB interviews Suckers:

Due to their self-professed track record of starting tours, I shouldn’t have been surprised when Suckers pulled into Pittsburgh 30 minutes before doors opened for their headlining show at Brillobox — the first date on a tour that winds the Brooklyn quartet through the country and into Europe (including dates with Yeasayer and Menomena).

But the late start wasn’t exactly their fault: Suckers’ van took more than two hours to start. After four attempts to jump the big, hulking thing, it started and the tour was underway. Not a problem; with one of my favorite albums this year, I was yet to see a Suckers show. Let’s say my opinion of the album matched my take on the show. Funky, weird, psychedelic dance party for all.

MOKB sat down with Quinn, Pan, Austin and Brian of Suckers earlier this month to talk about Disney, natural disasters and iced coffee before they got everyone’s body movin.’

MOKB: So tonight is the first night of this tour. Did the van trouble get things started on a shaky note?

Pan: Every tour starts off like this, one way or another. It’s usually raining. We have van issues. On the first day (of a previous tour), Brian gets to the practice space and says, “I’ve been shitting and puking all night, I’m sick guys.” We told him to go home and go to bed, and we’d drive to D.C. On his way out, he puked right in the doorway, and it was neon yellow vomit. He ended up missing the show in D.C., we played just the three of us and he met us the next day.

MOKB: So at least everyone is here this time.

Pan: Yeah, no one is sick, it’s not raining, no one puked.

Quinn: There’s really a disaster every time we’re on a tour. Last tour, we left the day the oil spill started, we just missed flooding in Nashville by about 15 minutes. We avoided tornadoes in Nebraska. We felt earthquakes in LA. There was a snowstorm in Wyoming.

Austin: Maybe if we toured in a place that’s already been hit by a horrible disaster, we could reverse it.

MOKB: That’s good logic. A lot of the songs on Wild Smile have some sort of gang vocals. So how do you guys feel about audience participation?

Quinn: We don’t mind it at all.

Austin: Sometimes people will try to clap along with our songs, like “It Gets Your Body Movin.’” But the song has changes, so everyone gets confused. We need to write more songs that are easy to clap to. Like, “1 and 2 and 3…”

Pan: Now ladies, stomp your feet.

MOKB: Every song on the record does have its own style. Was it a conscious thought to make each song sound differently?

Quinn: Not letting any song sound the same was conscious, but all of them were written pretty naturally.

Austin: We don’t want to repeat ourselves. That’s kind of a rule we have.

MOKB: In playing these songs for awhile now, have they changed?

Austin: Yes. They’re all rap songs now.

Quinn: They’re all 15 minutes long.

Austin: Sort of like spoken word monologues.

Quinn: Not really, but we have gotten more comfortable playing them.

MOKB: Have you started work on any new songs?

Quinn: No, but during our break before this tour, we all worked on our own videos for “A Mind I Knew.” So we all didn’t have to agree on the video. We just finished them last night. We had to quarantine each other off from our videos.

MOKB: Whose will be the best?

Quinn: They’ll all be different.

Austin: They were all made with no budget by people with no ideas.

Brian: We had to be really creative with the small budget we had.

Pan: We made them totally separately.

MOKB: I can’t look at the cover of Wild Smile without thinking about Rafiki from “The Lion King.” So… what is your favorite Disney movie?

Quinn: “Robin Hood.”

Brian: “Fievel Goes West”…

All: That’s not Disney.

Austin: That was some generic shit.

Quinn: That’s like saying “Land Before Time.” Or “E.T.”

Austin: I’ve never seen “E.T.”

Quinn: He won’t watch it because he’s heard a lot of people cry.

(5 minutes of riffing about Randy Newman, Steven Spielberg, the rise and fall of early 90’s Disney movies and whether or not Pocahontas was attractive)

Quinn: I liked “Robin Hood,” “Lady and the Tramp”…

MOKB: Well how old are you?

Quinn: 31.

MOKB: So you liked the mid-80’s Disney. When I came up, it was “Lion King,” “Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast.”

Quinn: Yeah, that pussy shit.

MOKB: And my last question is: What object would you say you most often suck on?

Pan: Straws. Well, iced coffee. But it’s always through a straw.

Brian: Probably a milkshake. Or a Slurpee.

Quinn: My girlfriend’s boobs. Just kidding. Kind of.

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