New/Old Song : Ice Cream Shout : Marianne

I’ve been playing the hell out of Tattooed Tears for the last couple weeks, and telling anyone who will listen that Ice Cream Shout is the best thing to come out of Japan since four kids from Rockford, Illinois played a little concert at Budokan. Then the boys and girls in the band had to correct me, Tattooed Tears isn’t on their debut, Cups, but they took pity on me and fired me off a copy, which you can nab here). In a nutshell, Cups is where Ice Cream Shout is coming from, rather than where they are bound. Now, that doesn’t mean that Cups isn’t worth seeking out. Numbers like It’s My Shout and Disko Kitten are fun, but while they certainly have all the requisites of crowdpleasers, their J-pop-by-numbers approach renders them the weakest material on the record. Far more successful and impressive are the record’s darker moments. The plaintive guitars and deadpan delivery of Between You & I (Dark Version) recall the best moments on Nico’s Chelsea Girls, while the Stuart Murdoch-esque The Strangler chronicles the exploits of a teenage murderer with the cool detachment of a newspaper crime reporter. These songs give you a real sense of what Ice Cream Shout is capable of creating, and if you connect the dots from Marianne to Tattooed Tears, you can’t help but be excited about what Ice Cream Shout might be serving  up next.

MP3 : Ice Cream Shout – Marianne
MP3 : Ice Cream Shout – Tattooed Tears

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