MOKB Exclusive : Revolver : Luke, Mike & John (Demo version)

It started innocently enough, but this has turned into The Summer of Revolver around my homestead. Their American debut, Music For A While, finally hits the shelves today, and while I’m far from achieving Francophile status, I have developed an unhealthy fascination with the film Three On A Couch. Seriously though, these guys are a Drew Barrymore soundtrack or a Target campaign away from stardom here in the States. Since we’ve been clamoring so much, the boys in the band have been cool enough to slip MOKB an exclusive demo version of Luke, Mike & John, which we are dutifully passing on to you. Now, about those American tour dates…

MP3 : Revolver – Luke, Mike & John (Demo version)
MP3 : Revolver – Birds In Dm (Joakim remix)

MP3 : Revolver – Get Around Town

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