MOKB Exclusive : New Song : Marah : Life Is A Problem

A few weeks ago we detailed the musical emancipation of rock-n-roll’s ultimate underdogs, Marah. The new record, Life Is A Problem, is making critics sit up on their hinders and take notice, and if the band’s evil plot comes to fruition, kids around the globe will be begging Ded Moroz for a double-cassette boombox this December. And after spending the early weeks of summer razing roadhouses throughout the Midwest, the kids from Philly are taking a breather  before laying siege to the eastern seaboard in late August.

During this brief sabbatical, Marah has very kindly decided to allow MOKB to premiere the title track of their snazzy new record, as well as share the mythology behind the song. According to their version of the story, Dave Bielanko was diving through the crates at Brooklyn’s Earwax Records when he came across a rare (here’s one on the market) Mississippi Records reissue of Life is a Problem, a compilation LP of obscure and ramshackle electric guitar-based gospel music recorded between 1949-1976. The title track, as performed by one Sister Ola Mae Terrell, struck a chord with Bielanko and Christine Smith, and inspired them to write a song of the same name that shares the original’s theme of perseverance. Nice story, so let’s see how the song grabs you.

MP3 : Marah – Life Is A Problem
MP3 : Marah – Valley Farm Song

Marah On Tour
Aug 18 Cambridge, MA @ TT The Bears
Aug 20 & 21 NYC @ Bowery Electric
Aug 22 Baltimore, MD @ 8×10
Aug 24 Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe
Aug 25 Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwells
Aug 26 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
Aug 27 Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel
Aug 28 Bovina NY (Livestock festival)

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    July 28, 2010 [ 1:10 am ]

    Get ’em back to Indy, my good sir.

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