NXNE 2010 Interview: Diamond Rings

Fitting that at a Toronto-based festival, we start our NXNE 2010 interview series with a Toronto-bred artist…Diamond Rings

MOKB : Can you tell us more about your involvement with the D’Urbervilles today? What inspired you to go solo?

Diamond Rings : My involvement with the band hasn’t changed, really. We still practice and perform and write together as we always have and the new material we’ve been working on has been totally blowing my mind. Diamond Rings obviously makes organizing my life a little more hectic but I like to keep busy. I started playing shows on my own because I wanted to play shows and have the ability to express myself in a really honest and personal way.

MOKB : Describe your personality(s) in 5 words?

Diamond Rings : Determined. Dynamic. Engaging. Focused. Positive.

MOKB : What was the first album you ever owned?

Diamond Rings : Baby Beluga by Raffi.

MOKB : What is on your concert/show rider (i.e. cookies, condoms, candy)?

Diamond Rings : C’mon, it’s not like I’m Toni Braxton or something – I don’t even have a rider! I’ll take a few bucks to go grab a pizza slice and maybe have a vodka soda before my set but don’t expect me to say something silly like I ask for scented candles and fresh flowers. At least not yet!

MOKB : Tell me in brief, what sets you apart from other artists playing at NXNE?

Diamond Rings : I put all of my energy into every performance and try to give people something that they’ve never seen or heard before in their entire lives. I’m also not afraid to wear Air Force Ones and gold tights at the same time.

MOKB : What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Diamond Rings : Form your own bands, already! There’s no right or wrong way so long as you love what you do and it comes from a place that is honest and sincere.

MOKB : How has your sound evolved since you first begun playing music?

Diamond Rings : I no longer cover Weezer songs at open mic night in the local coffee shop.


MP3 : Diamond Rings – All Yr Songs
MP3 : Diamond Rings – All Yr Songs (Gobble Gobble Wings For Eyeliner Remix)

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