New Songs : Deastro : Mind Altar EP

Deastro’s Keepers transfixed our ears back in 2008, and after Randy Chabot’s 2009 release Moondagger, MOKB Presents welcomed him to The Vollrath here in Indianapolis so he could get the guys and girls dancin’.

Deastro returns with a new EP this summer. Mind Alter will be released by Ghosty International this June 22nd. Fans of Deastro may be familiar with many of these songs. Eight of the songs on the Mind Altar EP were originally released on cassette through Deastro’s blog, but the EP also contains three bonus tracks from the also-blog-released Orange Swimmer Red Summer EP. The tracks have all been remastered for a cohesive sound.

MP3 : Deastro – Get Frostied
MP3 : Deastro – Mowgli the Lynx

Tracklist :

01. Mind Altar
02. Genesis Weapon
03. Pastor Kid Redux Edition
04. Mowgli The Lynx
05. The Concept Of Land Ownership
06. Divali
07. Get Frostied
08. World Of Shadow
09. Shield Whip (Bonus Track)
10. Seven Fell From The Firmament (Bonus Track)
11. Orange Swimmer (Bonus Track)

  • Christopher

    July 15, 2010 [ 6:41 pm ]

    Um, it’s Randolph, not Robert.

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