Photo Recap: The Beths and Girl Friday at The HI-FI

Photos by Doug Fellegy

The Beths
, a New Zealand four-piece, play guitar-driven garage rock like four best friends who need nothing more than each other to have the best time. Their latest US release,
Future Me Hates Me, ripples with mid-20s ennui while practically bursting at the seams with joyous sun-lit guitar solos. The Beths are a band that sound good in your headphones, but even better in person.

Girl Friday kicked off the night with songs from Fashion Conman, their newest EP released late last month. The crowd vigorously nodded along as the band flew through their set, each song bringing out another round of fist pumps and hell-yeahs. Be sure to catch these two throughout the rest of their summer tour.



The Beths


Girl Friday




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