Photo Recap: Pedro The Lion and John Vanderslice at The HI-FI

Indie vanguards Pedro The Lion and John Vanderslice recently played to a packed house at The HI-FI in Fountain Square. Touring behind their latest records, Phoenix and The Cedars respectively, both acts brought a passion to their sets that made the room feel like more of a family gathering than a concert hall.

Although David Bazan has been on solo tours throughout the past few years, this latest record features a reunited and re-energized Pedro The Lion. The band sounded as if the hiatus was merely a blip as they ripped through new tracks from Phoenix as well as much-loved material from earlier in their catalog. 

John Vanderslice was similarly well-received by a swarm of fans. In between songs, Vanderslice even participated in a brief Q&A session by pulling questions out of a pint glass and charming the crowd. His voice pierced the small talk of the club, bringing those just walking in and unfamiliar with his sound into a pack in front of the stage, excited to hear more.


Pedro The Lion


John Vanderslice



Photos by Doug Fellegy

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