Photo Recap: Ryley Walker and Mute Duo at The White Rabbit Cabaret

Ryley Walker stopped by the White Rabbit Cabaret after the release of his newest work, The Lillywhite Sessions, a collection of covers made popular in the early aughts by Dave Matthews Band. The psychedelic-folk of his earlier work remains the backbone of Walker’s catalog, but he’s certainly enjoyed a bit more name recognition with his unique take on the widely-know Dave Matthews record. No matter the performance, though, Walker’s lyrical and musical talent remain the highlight. His sets have the capability to each become something of their own, meandering in and out of the space while remaining true to his original sound.

Opening the evening were Mute Duo, a Chicago-based pair who’s experimental ambient sounds paired well with the rest of the evening. Their performance careened between the subtle and the cacophonous, at first welcoming the just-walking-in crowd into the venue before pushing their instruments to a furious wall of droning rhythm. It was inviting in the best of ways.


Ryley Walker


Mute Duo


Photos by Doug Fellegy

  • Ankita

    May 7, 2019 [ 3:47 pm ]

    They are amazing artists.

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