Photo Recap: Destroyer and Adam Gross at The HI-FI

Late October usually brings around some stressful situations. Will my Halloween be costume good enough or is it too obscure for anyone to get it? Will our country tear itself apart before or after November 6th? Normal stuff.

It’s important to find moments of calm amid this chaos, and Dan Bejar’s work with Destroyer is pretty much an oasis of just that. His music breathes rhythm and synth in a style that’s introspective without losing sight of a larger world, ringing slightly melancholic while avoiding flat out misanthropy. Bejar brought this soothing energy to The HI-FI back in late October on one stop of his solo tour, crooning to an audience hanging on each note he sang.

Opening the evening was hometown favorite Adam Gross of SM Wolf. Gross performed to a crowd already on his side, but quickly won over anyone not previously familiar with his work thanks to his uptempo arrangements and powerful pop vocals. If that wasn’t enough, he even volunteered his guitar when the venue learned that Bejar’s was lost by an airline during his trip to Indy. Amid the chaos of life outside the venue that night, The HI-FI was at least one place where people are still kind to each other.





Adam Gross


Photos by Doug Fellegy

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