Photo Recap: Japanese Breakfast and Ought at The Bishop

Touring their widely beloved latest album, Soft Sounds from Another Planet, Japanese Breakfast played to a sold out crowd at The Bishop last Thursday night. Michelle Zauner and company radiated on stage, causing the already toasty room to get even hotter as the crowd  jumped and danced along throughout the evening. Zauner’s vocals have a wry, smoky confidence that soar through a room and meld perfectly with the funky lo-fi pop music she and her bandmates create. With such a strong discography under their belts and an incredibly fun stage presence, Japanese Breakfast make the kind of music that’s even better in person.

Opening the evening was Ought, a post-punk band whose latest album presents a more streamlined version of the careening strut of their earlier work. Their performance featured new music from Room Inside the World that filled the venue with haunting lyrics and driving arrangements helmed by lead singer Tim Darcy’s half-croon/half-yawp. The band had a vibrancy that set the tone for the evening, one that Japanese Breakfast would double-down on an hour later: we’re all a part of this and complacency isn’t an option.


Japanese Breakfast



Photos by Doug Fellegy

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