Photo Recap: Alex Cameron, Jackie Cohen, and Emily Panic at The Hi-Fi

Photos by Doug Fellegy
Words by Laurel Tilton

Not one to hesitate straying from the pack, Alex Cameron took an unconventional approach to the traditional format of live music when he opened the Indianapolis stop of his tour with comedian Emily Panic.

Quickly creating a sense of community between the patrons at The Hi-Fi, Panic adeptly dealt with hecklers and set the tone for the entire show; one of dynamic characters and colorful anecdotes.

Clad in a svelte red dress and matching dog collar, musical opener Jackie Cohen brought with her the reminiscence of a hazy summer day on the beach. With smart moments of country, surf pop, and folk music, and intense harmonies with her brother, Cohen was the perfect precedent for the main event.

Donning a wardrobe befitting Spike Jonze’s Her, Alex Cameron’s set was a sexy combination of techno and saxophone. From the start, Cameron exuded theatricality and a little bit of sleaze. Although it shouldn’t be mistaken, Cameron is more than just the man with a skillful and powerful band to match him in energy and charisma. Shrouded in mystery and pride, Cameron is a proper raconteur.

Filled with stories of love, failure, and heartbreak, the evening sent everyone home with renewed vigor. If you find yourself in need of being serenaded, Alex Cameron’s tour is the place to go.


Alex Cameron


Jackie Cohen


Emily Panic


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