Iron & Wine releases new EP // First single: What Hurts Worse

 photo ironandwine-weedgarden_zpsgltvq0lj.jpg

Well, here is something new (literally and a bit sarcastically): The first single, “What Hurts Worse“, from Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)’s new EP, is a beautifully lush, full-bodied, piece of finger-picking folk-pop excellence. Surprise on the EP and no surprise at all on the single’s greatness, is all I mean. The EP is called Weed Garden, and it will be released through Subpop on 8/31, but these aren’t the leftover weeds from last year’s Beast Epic, these are songs that Beam simply didn’t have time to finish as he was putting last year’s album together.

Pre-order Weed Garden here.

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