Photo Recap: Colter Wall and The Local Honeys at The Hi-Fi

Colter Wall and The Local Honeys made an ideally paired bill for fans of any sort of Americana blend, and the sold out HI-FI crowd in mid-March knew it. This being Wall’s second time playing Indianapolis, many fans waiting outside before doors opened were swapping stories about how solid his last performance was and excitedly chatting about how amazing it would be to see him again. One guy even diy’d his own neon-colored sandwich board with the phrase “SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN COLTER WALL IS PLAYING” that he wore during the evening. But everyone, even sandwich board guy, couldn’t help but shout and cheer throughout both bands and you can’t really blame them.

The Local Honeys opened the evening with a Kentucky verve, sweetly melting their harmonized twang into their instrumentation. Linda Jean Stokley and Montana Hobbs rolled the crowd into a frenzy thanks to furious banjo and fiddle playing before causing them to completely unravel amid their oversized guitar-led stories about corrupt mine owners and vindictive love.

Only in his 20s, Colter Wall had a voice that could either be the result of bonafide country music genetics or a pact with the devil. In either case the result is the same: a cloud of whiskey scented gravel dust, funneled through a Canadian true crime epic. His sound is so nonchalant and authentic that you would be forgiven for thinking him a contemporary of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, yet his eponymous debut record was released in 2017. Awed silence be damned, Wall’s set made the crowd whistle and cheer themselves hoarse. Most of all sandwich board guy.


Colter Wall


The Local Honeys


Photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

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