Photo Recap: Tennis and Overcoats at The Hi-Fi

On a cold January night Tennis played to a sold-out crowd at The Hi-Fi. Although Aliana Moore had been under the weather, she and Patrick Riley performed their coastal tinted pop to a delighted audience especially excited to hear songs from the duo’s latest release, Yours Conditionally. Moore smooth vocals balanced with Riley’s glistening guitar seemed to melt the chill outside the club and filled the room with a cheerful warmth, not to mention the heat generated from the dancing that immediately broke out upon their set’s first song.

Opening for Tennis was Overcoats, an electro-pop group featuring the hypnotic vocals of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Seeing them on stage is seeing two best friends in velvet jumpsuits make irresistibly danceable music in between bouts of smiling and hugging each other; it’s hard to imagine these two aren’t living their best lives. Be sure to check out their first full-length release, Young, when you have a chance.






Photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

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