Photo Recap: Mac DeMarco at White River State Park

Mac DeMarco’s set on Tuesday night at the Lawn at White River State Park, sandwiched in between The Flaming Lips and Chappo, was everything longtime fans could have hoped for. On the road touring his latest album, This Old Dog, DeMarco and his band were an onstage mix of sharp musicians, skilled cover artists, and purveyors of fun. Fans in the crowd shrieked DeMarco’s name in anticipation hours before he was due to arrive on stage, and generally lost their damn minds when he actually did walk out to the theme from Top Gun. The set ran the gamut between the smooth crooning of “On the Level” and the raucous, frenetic energy of “Freaking Out The Neighborhood,” eliciting fervent applause from fans. Those on the fence about DeMarco beforehand were handily won over by the singer’s sense of humor, best exemplified with a 10min cover of Vanessa Carlton’s “1000 Miles” that consisted almost exclusively of the song’s first four words. As another photographer put it: “just the best.”



Photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

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