The Knocks and Skylar Spence are Amelia Airhorn, Stream “Miracle”

 photo ameliaairhorn_zpsaurulsek.png

A foundation started as touring partners and solidified by love of classic disco/soul music, Amelia Airhorn is the new collaboration of Skyler Spence and duo of The Knocks. The project name is centered around a fictional character based in 1992 “kicked up high-tempo on flashbulbs and disco balls” of New York City after dark. “Miracle” is the first reveal and fills the space left by the underwhelming Avalanches return last year. The song creates a visceral experience capturing the energy of those carefree summer nights that are idealized outside of the moment. Element of disco, soul, r&b, chillwave, vaperwave, and so on is all present within the song and couldn’t have picked a better time of year to surface. It is available for free download here.

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