Fresh Laundromatinee Session : Hiss Golden Messenger Live at LUNA music

Heart Like a Levee
, the latest album from Hiss Golden Messenger out on Merge Records, hits a sweet spot somewhere in between spirited bluegrass and brooding Americana. The songs that comprise the record build a detailed tapestry of a life full of experience; doubt and joy, fear and love all float throughout M.C. Taylor’s seventh lp under the Hiss moniker, a set of lenses with which to understand our human condition in both the personal and universal sense. Fans huddled together inside of the intimate confines of LUNA music to enjoy this rare performance, drinking coffee and chatting with Taylor and co. after the set. You can relive all of this in the videos below, or by listening the the 7″ Record Store Day collab with artist Nathaniel Russell.



Filmed by Doug Fellegy / Daniel Arthur
Edited by Doug Fellegy
Recorded and mixed by Jeff DuPont

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