Premiere: Stream New Single “Sports” from Athens’ Art Contest

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Originally slated for release in 2015, Two Songs, the long-awaited sophomore LP from Athen’s math rock, psych duo Art Contest will be out on June 2nd via Post-Echo. The delay was caused mainly by a home theft that saw equipment and original recordings disappear, but also due to, according to guitarist Cole Monroe, the “most unique production” the pair have worked on to date. Rarely do you see a couple of years pass between singles off an album, but “Sports” is the latest single following the previously released “Wall Ball” and “Tokyo Megaplex” from revealed back in 2015. The track is a dizzying display precision using changing tempos from frentetic at one moment to calm the next creating anticipation on where the song will turn next, while still somehow coming off appropriate for an active day at the beach. Animal Collective, Battles, or even Devo could have served as inspiration for elements of the track.

Two Songs Tracklist:
01. Chico
02. Lentemen
03. Art Project
04. Sports
05. Ready Play
06. Wall Ball
07. Trophy Wife
08. RGB
09. Horror
10. Scissorkick
11. Tokyo Megaplex
12. Breather
13. Seadoo
14. Two Songs
15. No More Thinking!!
16. Mortal Grind
17. Mixtape

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