Premiere: Stream First Single “Great At Parties” from Cool American’s New Record

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Like many projects, Portland’s Cool American started off as the solo outlet of Nathan Tucker only to manifest itself over time into a full-fledged band. In a little over two years, the project has shown itself to be quite prolific, releasing and album, EP, a couple of b-side and demo compilations, among more. Their follow-up to last year’s sneaky good debut LP You Can Win A Few is out on June 2nd via Good Cheer Records. Titled Infinite Hiatus, the new album explores the complications of being a creative in a capitalistic society discussed over explosive power-pop hooks in a Weakerthan meet Eliot Smith’s Heatmiser vein. “Great At Parties” is the first reveal off the upcoming release. Find the stream below along with a Tucker’s motivation for the LP, available now for pre-order via their Bandcamp.

“Infinite Hiatus is basically about learning how to carve out a meaningful space for yourself and your friends in a world that doesn’t seem to value the same things that you value. Lately for me the key has been trying to focus on process as much as end goals, something that is as cliché as it is difficult. The current social and political climate (economic growth propped up by venture capital while the NEA loses funding, etc, etc) kind of necessitates this approach; at this point artists have to take whatever satisfaction they can get.

I wanted to make an album that felt optimistic about the possibilities for art and art communities in a society that can seem designed specifically to suffocate the spirit of creative people, and since i make rock music, the best way to do that seemed to be making a big dumb rock record. But “big dumb rock record” is a goal, not a process, which is why we sprinkled the record with interludes comprised of demos, found sounds, and me messing around with a four track–things that hopefully sound less polished.” – Nathan Tucker

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