Premiere: Stream EP Title Track “True Cinnamon” from Seattle’s Bod

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Bod is the Seattle quartet of current and former members of Oberhofer, EZTV, Telekinesis, Sloucher, Crater, and Boat or Jonathan Angle, Zach Dimmick, Lance Umble, and Ben Roth to be more specific. This Friday, they will unload their second EP, True Cinnamon, and first release their 2014 debut Party Drug EP. The collection definitely has one foot planted deeply in ’90s and this is most evident on the title track.

Crunchy guitars mixed with frenetic lead guitar could reference a majority of the bands and albums in my CD collection during our formative years. The true payoff of the track happens around the 3:15 mark with an cathartic release of sound and singer Ben Roth screaming the end is all that counts. We are confident the track would have received heavy airplay during the peak years of alternative radio, although it still fits in quite nicely into today’s slowly resurging rock band landscape. Stream the track below and pre-order the EP on limited edition 7″ vinyl via their Bandcamp.

  • Waterglow

    April 11, 2017 [ 1:25 pm ]

    Wow… love True Cinnamon

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