Listen to Kaleidico’s “Am·I·King?”

 photo afrobrain_zpsivtby8v6.jpg

Last year, we told you that Kaleidico’s mid-year release, Zoetic was one of the best albums you were likely going to miss out on. It has been praised, by the local music critics, as the best album to come out of Louisville in 2015. So, if you missed it, here is your reminder to check it out, but the further good news is you’ll be treated to a new Kaleidico album, Afro·brain on January 26th.

The first single is a very bleak, down-tempo piece of electro-psych-pop with surprisingly snazzy drums. It gives me the vibe of doggedly sludging through an icy, inhospitable land while on some sort of noble quest – Atreyu battling against The Nothing kind of quest music. Totally worth checking out.

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