Wayback Wednesday: The Egyptian Lover

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If you haven’t yet watched Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix yet, you need to get on it. It’s an awesome four-part documentary series that really outlines the origin of hip-hop in the South Bronx, and it’s eventual movement to the West Coast. Greg Broussard, The Egyptian Lover, started off as a Los Angeles DJ playing parties at the LA Sports Arena as part of Uncle Jamm’s Army, the group that gangsta rap pioneer Ice-T also originated from, and laid the foundation and influence that eventually led to Dr. Dre and his G-Funk sound that changed the face of West Coast hip-hop forever.

The Egyptian Lover continues to release music in the modern era, and even supported M.I.A. in her People vs. Money Tour in 2008.

The Egyptian Lover – And My Beat Goes Boom

The Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt

The Egyptian Lover – I Need A Freak

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