Discover Bloomington’s Groutfit and Her Seasonally Appropriate Facing Myself EP

 photo groutfit_zpszycn42uu.jpg

Groutfit is the moniker of Bloomington, IN”s Juliet Johnson. The name comes from the term to describe two or more gray articles of clothing to make and outfit blending together gray and outfit. The term applies very well to the dark ambient moods flushed out through a hypnotic mix of samples, beats, unrecognizable sounds. Her latest offering is the five-song Facing Myself EP. Clocking in a just under five minute, it, without a doubt, feels more like sketches, but the remarkably bewitching beauty exudes an emotional depth that many full-length albums do not come close to approaching. Not to mention, combine this release along with her previous material (find those here) and put it on loop, you have a pretty good mix of effects to blast on the speakers this upcoming Halloween.

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