Photo Recap: Animal Collective and Eric Copeland @ The Egyptian Room

The unabashedly wild Painting With, Animal Collective’s latest record, brought the band to the Egyptian Room last week along with opener Eric Copeland. Animal Collective’s set meshed together over an hour and a half of material that ebbed over their rapt audience in ever increasing waves, releasing shouts of “thank god, they played this one!” and “OH SHIT, ‘GUYS EYES?!’”

Flanked by abstract, stone-looking totem figures, the band’s surreal and often primal sound was matched in kind by the energy of the crowd, dancing and drinking and swaying with equal abandon at the feet of their heroes.

To check this out in person, be sure to catch them on the rest of their North American tour.


Animal Collective


Eric Copeland



Photos and words by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

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