Van William & First Aid Kit : Revolution

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A few weeks back, we introduced you to former Port O’Brien frontman and current WATERS frontman Van Pierszalowski’s new project, Van William. We’re a week or so behind the internet on this one, but should nonetheless weigh-in and make sure you know we think it’s great. He’s wisely teamed up with Swedish folk, sister duo First Aid Kit on his follow-up single, and Klara and Johanna bring beauty to every song they make, so you can guess that this one is simple and pretty perfect in its execution. This may be the best I’ve heard Van’s voice sound as well, which you gotta figure he knew he had to come with it when pairing up with these ladies!

  • Natalia

    September 27, 2016 [ 4:56 am ]

    Such a great song, thanks for sharing :) Love your blog name! 😀

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