Photo Recap: Ryley Walker, Promised Land Sound, and Kevin Krauter @ The Bishop

When Ryley Walker played the Bishop a year ago, his open-air blend of rippling guitar folk drew a pretty decent crowd of newcomers to the Bloomington bar. Now that the excellent Primrose Green has had time to seep into public consciousness, Walker’s latest Bishop show felt like a packed party of old friends reminiscing on what they did last summer. His latest release, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung, is even looser and spacier than his previous album, allowing Walker and his band the opportunity to explore mood and composition in a live set with little restrictions.

In support that night was Promised Land Sound, a Tennessee four piece playing ferocious Southern rock, as well as Kevin Krauter, best known as part of Bloomington’s own purveyors of chill, Hoops.


Ryley Walker


Promised Land Sound



Kevin Krauter


Photos and words by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

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