Premiere: Watch CALLmeKAT’s New Video for “Mouth of Time”

 photo callmekat3_zpsbhf7gica.png

Mouth in Time, the latest release from Danish Katrine Ottoson, better known under the name CALLmeKAT, comes from a point in time “where everything seemed to be shifting.” The result is a collection of songs subtly dark in tone and veering more into more traditional rock sonics, which makes sense given this was the first album she wrote using a guitar. This is not to say the album does not bring some poppier moments, such as with the EP’s title track built on the foundation of hooky percussion. The video, directed by Carina Randløv, furthers the dark vibrancy of the song using psychedelic imagery and settings meant to respresent a degrading utopia drawing from the themes of mortality and love found not only in the song, but throughout the release.

 photo callmekat_zps5nh8nnnp.png

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