EKKAH Unleash the DāM-FunK-produced “What’s Up”

 photo ekkah2_zpsgghstjsl.jpg

We have been waiting too long for UK duo EKKAH to capture the sparkle and carefree mood of their early demo’s, singles, and Last Chance to Dance EP from back in 2014 and they have finally accomplished just that. “What’s Up” is their latest single to surface this year (following “Small Talk”) with DāM-FunK putting his magical touch on the glittery jam highlighted by Rebekah Pennington’s sax work and an overall composition that could easily be mistaken for a Parliament-Funkadelic track. As of now, it is slated as a part of a double A-side single backed by “Space Between Us,” but expect this to also show up on their long-in-the-works debut LP expected sometime early next year.

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