Premiere: Pastel Hypnotizes in New Track “Touched”

 photo pastel_zps2vvt290k.png

Recently, we were turned on to Houston-based Chad DeMaster and his project Children of Pop, who recently released a brilliant off-center electronic, pop album What Does 69 Mean? through his French Kiss imprint #veryjazzed. When digging deeper into his label’s artists, we became refamiliarized with Los Angeles-based producer/songwriter/singer Garbiel Brenner, aka Pastel, with whom we had became acquainted with prior through his 2014 EP, It Will Be Missed, but had not kept up with.

On June 24th, he will be releasing he latest EP, Bone-Weary, which was mixed by another favorite of ours, Warren Hildebrand, of Foxes in Fiction and main boss at Orchid Tapes. Experimental, ambient, minimal are all words that could appropriately describe the collection of songs that meld the touchstones of r&b, gospel, and soul into a intoxicating, visceral experience. We are #veryjazzed to have the debut of the latest track from the release, the sensual “Touched.” The song is so sexy it should come with a contraceptive, just to be safe. You can pre-order the EP via his Bandcamp and further explore his catalog at his Soundcloud.

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