Premiere: Stream NAVVI’s Flickering Dancefloor Banger “Simpatico”

 photo navvi2_zpswhrrovw6.jpg

Seattle’s NAVVI have been making ominous electronic symphonies and moody atmospherics for the better part of two years with our first impression being their contribution to Kitsuné’s America 3 compilation. Since then, they have continued to hone their expertly crafted contrast matching the ethereal vocals of Kristin Henry to the sobbing, dark beats courtesy of producer Brad Boettger which will soon culminate with the release of their debut album, Omni, on May 27th via what is slowly becoming one of our favorite labels, KEXP DJ Alex Ruder’s Hush Hush Records. “Simpatico” is the fourth track let go from the album and reconfirms what we already believed; they have the potential turn even more heads beyond their current audience. Give the song a spin below.

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