From The Vault: Watch Videos from our Session with Those Darlins

photo: dave d. e.

In honor, or memoriam, of the sad news that long-time MOKB favorites, Those Darlins, announced that they will be going on “indefinite hiatus” after their January 2016 tour dates, we figured it would be a good time to revisit our session with the band.

The then-foursome performed “The Whole Damn Thing“, “Red Light Love“, “Cannonball Blues“, and “Mr. Money” for us, in the rear amphitheater at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It was our first and only session at the museum, and there was something fun about the juxtaposition of this fine art location and the band’s rough-around-the-edges, whiskey-soaked, southern-fried pop-punk vibe.

They also taught me the hilarious and disgusting band handshake at this session, which I only wish we would have caught on camera. It consisted of shaking hands, sliding your hand then up the inside of the arm of the other, into their hairy, sweaty armpit, reinterlocking arms and sliding your sweat-covered index and middle finger then under the nose of your shake partner. Pretty gross, totally awesome.



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