Premiere: Watch Franky Flowers’ VHS Visual for New Song “Sneakers (Sneaky Thing)”

 photo frankyflowers_zpslehign1s.jpg

Starting off as a solo project, LA’s Franky Flowers has grown into a full lineup of four members (Franky, Abe, Carlos, Ellington) all clocking in at the ripe old age of 17. Last year, in between their commitments with high school, they released a pretty stellar, under-the-radar EP, Blue Eyes, packed with the best kind of garage-laden lo-fidelity and fuzz. With a debut LP planned on the horizon in 2016, the band decided to unload what is a standalone single as of now titled “Sneakers (Sneaky Thing)” along with a DIY, VHS shot video by friend, Romand Zangari, member of LA skate gang GTG.

Recorded at Lollipop Records, the band wanted the track “to mimic the static and driven sound of a peaking level on a four track cassette recorder, the likes of which they recorded their early demos,” according to Franky. The result is a carefree song alternating between quiet and loud full of youthful vitality that is as relatable as it is nostalgic. Our only complaint is that we don’t have warm weather here in the Midwest to fully enjoy the California vibes flowing throughout. You can purchase the track over at iTunes

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