Premiere: Listen to Maxim Ludwig’s Downtempo “Assembly Line”

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If you like your soul of the blue-eyed variety, then look no further Maxim Ludwig and his new blue-collar track “Assembly Line”. For those not familiar with the LA resident, he experienced an all to familiar story of being hailed as a promising talent only to end up in limbo with bad contracts and broken promises. Now with maturity and experience on his side, Ludwig is focusing forward with new material with a new two-song single for Hit City U.S.A.’s digital single series (sign-up here) and available tomorrow.

This new song pulls from his time literally working on the assembly packaging deluxe edition CDs and box sets after his initial foray into music didn’t go as planned. There is s little late ’70s AM radio sprinkled in the soft-rock instrumentation and Darryl Hall in the vocals serving as a spiritual recharge while your heading home after a hard day’s work. You can find the track below along with the video for the other side “All My Nightmares”.


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