From The Vault: Watch Videos from our Sessions with Ra Ra Riot

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One of the great joys of this “job” has always been recording with the bands we write about. Our mostly-now-defunct project was generally so full of challenges that it eventually made us much smarter, more creative,¬†better, and more patient human beings. Each and every session was faced with some problem, be it punctuality, technology, emotional, interpersonal, or financial. We had to be nimble. It forced us to be innovative, to experiment, to adapt. In the end, we created hundreds of amazing session videos with hundreds of amazing bands. I feel lucky to have had the experience of making these videos with Jeff, Doug, Tim, Daniel, Derek and Christina, and the many others who contributed. I feel lucky to have these videos and recordings in my personal library. It would be a shame, in my mind, to just let them sit out there in the internet ether. So, I’ve decided to start a reoccurring series revisiting these sessions. I hope you enjoy.

We had the pleasure of recording and filming Ra Ra Riot on two separate occasions. In 2008, before the release of The Rhumb Line, the band stopped by The Pop Machine studio to record three songs with us. You can read and watch that entire session here.

Again, in 2011, after the release of The Orchard and before an MOKB Presents show at The Earth House, the band recorded in the library of that church/venue with us. You can read and watch that entire session here.

Can You Tell from The Rhumb Line

Ghosts Under Rocks from The Rhumb Line

Too Dramatic from The Orchard

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