Hinds Announce Debut LP, Share New Song “Garden”

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After flooring us with their debut single the early part of 2014 under the name Deers, the ladies of Hinds are have announced their highly-anticipated debut album, Leave Me Alone, on January 8th (are we already talking about 2016 releases?) via Lucky Number/Mom + Pop. With the details comes a laid-back new jam “Garden” that the band “fucking love.” You can see what they had to say about the song and album below along with the strong stream. Pre-order the album here.


okay, (big sigh) believe it or not, this is the announcing of our debut album.
let’s start from the beginning. garden is the first track of twelve songs. why? do you know when musicians say they hate their songs? we don’t know if that’s true, we only know it’s not in our case.. ’cause we fucking love this song. and we knew it will open the album since the very beginning. please don’t say it was a shitty decision.
we’ve been one year writing this album only while we were home, and you guys know that didn’t happen very often. but the good part of having to write songs so separately in time is that we wrote about very different feelings we’ve lived. these songs try to represent the 12 faces of love we’ve experienced.
it’s funny ’cause we thought this album would be all party and cheerfulness but . SURPRISE. it’s not!!!!! haha. feelings are more balanced, like in life. so suddenly we had a more sober -or even sad- album than we expected. please don’t think we’ve turned into depressive people or something, we’ve always been humans, it’s just we’re now showing it to you.
our debut album is called LEAVE ME ALONE and will be out the 8th of january of 2016. let’s make this winter shorter <3 - Hinds

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