Photo Recap: Death From Above 1979 and The Bots

This past weekend White River State Park saw a bit of a 90’s revival with Incubus and Deftones splitting a bill at the Farm Bureau Stage. Although the neü-metal headliners pulled quite a large crowd the real attraction were the openers: Death From Above 1979 and The Bots. DFA had achieved near-legendary status at the time of their break-up in 2006 and when it was announced they would play Indianapolis after re-forming last year a thick cloud of “I’ve been waiting _ number of years to see them!” hit the Internet.

The Bots are a relatively young band compared to DFA, but they matched the veterans’ ferocity note for note. Ripping through a criminally short 15-minute set, brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei showed that their blend of garage-punk and blues can hit just as hard.

Death From Above 1979

The Bots

photos by Doug Fellegy (via Flickr)

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