Premiere: Stream Jade The Moon’s New Song “5 6 7 8”

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Jade The Moon is the project comprised of Vancouver’s Jade Moon and Toronto’s production duo Bad Cop // Mean Cop. They have been putting the finishing touches their debut EP Habits & Hindrance out sometime before the end of summer. One of the tracks set to appear on the EP is aconceptual new song “5 6 7 8” we are premiering below. The song shares many of the celestial vocals and cracked production to that of FKA Twigs or Kelela. You almost get the feeling that you are getting a glimpse into deep corners of the band’s psyche experiencing a struggle. Jade gave us the rundown on the inspiration for the song:

I started dancing around the kitchen (where the entire track was conceived, recorded and eventually mixed) pretending to be a ballet dancer singing 5 6 7 8 at the top of my lungs”, says Jade. This became the backbone of the song.

The remaining lyric content can be difficult to hear but on closer listen you can hear that there is a struggle and a search for something real. Whether its a search for love, happiness or just an escape from the everyday, 5 6 7 8 challenges the idea that so many human experiences amount to little more than fighting and %&#@ing. This is all brought to life in the 5 6 7 8 video that depicts something so delicate and human against a back drop of destruction and wild animal animal instinct. The song has a different meaning for each of us and we anticipate a variety of reactions from listeners. We hope this abstract idea finds its way into the imagination of others.

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