MOKB Premiere : The Ocean Party : ‘Soft Focus’ LP

 photo oceanparty_zpse7c79399.jpg

Today marks the release of Soft Focus, the fourth album from Melbourne-based The Ocean Party in the last couple of years and, arguably, their most accomplished to date. The LP consists of eleven guitar-centric tracks tinged in warm melodies as expansive as the Pacific Ocean that separates their home country and the California vibes they give off. The album doesn’t scream for you attention, but plays as that attractive girl in the corner who does not realize how pretty she really is slowly offering more and more as you get to know her.

If you use Real Estate as a contemporary reference, you won’t be too far off. You may even hear hints of Billy Corgan in the vocals referencing some of the more subdued songs in Smashing Pumpkins catalog. I know, Real Estate and Smashing Pumpkins. Sounds weird. However, you don’t take have to take our word for it. Find a stream of the album below and then head over to Spunk Records to purchase it. We are certain this will wrap itself around you like it did us.

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