MOKB Premiere : Souvenir Stand : “Fall”

 photo fall_zpsf1485dc9.jpg

Musical trends have shifted over the years, but the lush experimental orchestral arrangements of the 1960s made popular by the likes of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson have always remained a constant. Acts like She & Him, The Morning Benders (can we please get The Morning Benders back!?), and even Vampire Weekend have drawn from this era creating a sound that is as fresh today as it was then.

Souvenir Stand, the act helmed by New York City’s Stephanie Cupo, are another who craft beautiful, girl group pop songs with a Twin Peaks aesthetic. On October 2nd, they will release a 7″ named SURPRISE (physically via Beautiful Strange/digitally via Silent Stereo) containing two new tracks. The b-side is this timely titled jewel “Fall”. It should provide the perfect back sound as we say goodbye to the summer and look ahead to autumn this Labor Day weekend. Stream it below.

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