MOKB Video Premiere : Johanna Samuels : “Real Tragedies”

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Next week, Brooklyn-based musician Johanna Samuels will released her debut LP, Double Bind. The album, over two-years in the making, follows her promising six-track EP, Giant Fantasy Life from 2012. According to Samuels, it is named after the “dynamic wherein two emotional demands are met but consequently negate each other, leaving one person to feel trapped.”

The highlight thus far from new material is the heartfelt and raw “Real Tragedies”. It starts off as a somber rocker in a similar vein of a Sharon Van Etten slowly building on itself with subtle electronic elements mixed in. Director Sean Ryan Pierce says that he tried to “tried to build a story that floats between two worlds”, one depicting Samuels “isolated and unrequited journey” and the other an “alternate, possible future wherein people live even more vicariously through others.” Watch below.

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