Slim Town Singles : Happy Rooster : “Cooler Then”

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If you live outside the Twin Cities, it may be forgivable if Bob “Slim” Dunlap isn’t a household name, but around these parts, he’s something of a musical legend. It was as the guitarist in the post-Bob Stinson incarnation of The Replacements that Slim found a degree of notoriety, but as we all know up here on the tundra, the man was to be reckoned with as a solo artist. Don’t believe me? Lay down some hard-earned on 1993’s The Old New Me and get back to me.

Now, I’m not bending your ear for nothin’. Slim has come on some hard times as chronicled here. looking to help a brother out, the Twin Cities music community has rallied around Slim with Slim Town Singles, project that finds our local musical illuminati (as well as a few outsiders) recording a series of “pay what you like” singles to help cover the cost of Slim’s medical care. Performers who have already ponied up include The Magnolias, High On Stress, John Munson (Trip Shakespeare) and Rich Mattson.

May 28th will see the next Slim Town Single, hence the reason you’re reading this. Stepping up to the plate with a cover of Slim’s “Cooler Then” is a quartet of nice boys known as Happy Roosters. This one-off excursion in Slim’s songbook is fronted by Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum and his brother Paul, best known as a member of the MOKB-approved 757s. The song is a knockout (go figure) and you certainly can’t beat the cause.

So check “Cooler Then” and the other Slim Town Singles and find out how much good you can do for the price of a cold one.

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