MOKB Video Premiere : Happiness : “All Apologies”

 photo happiness4_zps6fc5901b.png

What can we say? We at MOKB are sappy romantics, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. How can you hate on a holiday that gives a reason to really focus on those most important in your life? With that being said, we have a holiday-appropriate new video from the project Happiness. Before you ask, we really know nothing about them other than they are from Sweden and the UK and are comprised of a male producer and female vocalist. Based on this one song, a group like London Grammar might be a fair comparison.

The clip is for their song “All Apologies” and, whoever they are, they must have some pretty amazingly talented friends to put together such a heartbreaking and perfectly executed video. We won’t tell you the storyline or twist, but we dare you not tear up just a little bit after watching. Hopefully, we will get some more from this new project.

  • Travis

    September 11, 2014 [ 10:29 pm ]

    Ever find anything else about this band or any more songs by them?

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